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How to get an email header

You can get the email header from your email-client program. Each email-client handles its headers a bit different. To view hidden email headers follow these instructions for your email client program

Email Clients


Under Mail, select Show Long Headers.

Eudora (before version 3)

Select Tools, Options, Fonts & Display, then Show all headers

Eudora (version 3.x, 4.x IBM or Macintosh)

Press the BLAH button on the incoming mail message.

Mac Eudora 4.x

Hitting the following will cause Eudora to alter its default setting so that BLAH will be automatically selected for all new email received after this switch is set:


When checked, Eudora will show all the headers from messages, not just an abbreviated set.

Lotus Notes 4.6.x

From the menu bar, select Actions, then Delivery Information.

Lotus Notes R5

From the menu bar, select Actions, then Tools, then Delivery Information.

Microsoft Outlook

Double click on the email in your inbox. This will bring the message into a new window.

Click on View, then Options.

You can also open a message and choose File, then Properties, then Details.

Microsoft Outlook Express

Double click on the email in your inbox. This will bring the message into a new window.

Go to the File Menu, then Properties and Detail

Netscape 3

In the Netscape Mail window, click View, then Document Source.

Netscape 4.xx

Double click on the email in your inbox. Click on View, then Headers, then All.

Pegasus Mail

To view the full headers for each message, use CTRL + H.

This will show the full headers for the particular message, but will not add them to any reply or forward.


You have to turn on the header option in setup, then just hit "h" to get headers.


To expose the full message header, click "Options" on the Hotmail Navigation Bar on the left side of the page. On the Options page, click "Preferences".

Yahoo! Mail

Log into your Yahoo! Mail account.
Click the "Options" link on the left-hand navigation bar.
Click the "Mail Preferences" link on the right.
Locate the Show Headers heading and select "All".

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