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Keyword Generator

What is the Keyword Generator page about?

This tool is a keyword multiplier - copy & paste style-  to build a massive keyword list, especially useful for Google Adwords advertiser. It allows easily generating thousands of keyword by using synonyms, plurals, misspellings and other grammatical inflections. 

Google Adwords user will love this tool. They can generate within minutes a thousands of keywords by just replacing certain keywords with one click.  All you need to have in the beginning is a small initial keyword phrase list.

This tool is not a full-automatic keyword generator. You have to use your brain a bit. It is best used together with the

How to create a megablast keyword list

1) Find out the most used search terms for your prefered keyword with the  Overture Search Term Suggestion Tool  
2) Store this list in a excel sheet
3) Think of synonyms, misspelling, plurals and other grammatical details (use Thesaurus and your brain!)
4) Write it down to your Excel Sheet
5) Now dont stop thinking! Give yourself at least 30 minutes. You will be amazed how much your keyword list already has grown only with a little bit of thinking. :)
6) Its time to use the keyword generator tool.  Check out the DEMO buttons to get an idea how the tool works.

Small Real World Example:

You are going to sell digital camera. Already you figured out some search terms which your future customer might search for.

1) You write all your keyword phrases into the  "Add your mainKeyword Phrases"  Textbox

You found these keywords phrases:
"Sony digital camera"
"Sony camera"
"buy Sony digital camera"

2) Smart as you are you figure out that there are several different camera makers then only Sony. 

You found these other camera makers:

You want of course to replace the keyword "Sony" with all other camera makers. For this you  write the keyword "Sony" into the textbox  "Replace this Keyword"
and all other camera makers into "Replace with Keywords" textbox.

3) Hit the "Go" button and check your the "Output Window". Voila 45 new keyword phrases.

1) Add your main KeyWord Phrases

Do you like this tool, have any suggestion, bugs, ad-ons, please let me know under contactme(ad)  .

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2) Replace this Keyword

3) Replace with Keywords



5)Output Window

Keyword Generator V1.1 (c) 2004
by Michael Weber

Whenever you build up a keyword list, make full use of gramatical structures. You can get tons of new keyword phrases!
Synonyms Nouns: lawyer,attorney
Adjective: small,tiny,little, limited, mini, miniature, modest, pocket-sized, short

Use the Thesaurus to find as many synonyms as possible. Also a good source to find sysnonyms is the Goole Keyword Tool
Conjugation Adjectives: cheap -> cheaper -> most cheapest
Verb: buy -> buying -> bought
Nouns: Book -> Books
Misspelling double letters attorney -> atorney
Multiple Languages English buy
German kaufen
“ú–{Œê ”ƒ‚¤


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Keyword Generator is your tool for mass production of keyword in just a fraction of time.